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Section 4: Canvas Stretchers


The Gallery Stretcher Warranty & Return Policy:


Warranty (Pneumatics)

Your machine is warranted for 1 year on all of the pneumatic components, if, in the unlikely event a pneumatic component fails, we will replace it for free. If you experience any pneumatic problems please contact us at 614-499-4989 and we will determine the extent of the damage. Once we have determined the extent of the problem we will instruct you on how to return the damaged part. We must receive the damaged part prior to sending the new part out. We will expedite this process as quickly as possible to minimize down-time. Please be advised, pneumatic components are extremely reliable and typically do not fail. If a pneumatic component fails after the 1 year, you may purchase it from us at a discounted price.

Your machine is fully warranted during the first year, provided that the following operational parameters have been met:

Supply air from compressor no greater than 120 psi.

Machine Regulator set to 95 psi.

Internal regulator for the clamp has not been tampered with.

Machine not exposed to high-humidity

Machine receives 1 drop of oil daily (applied to air inlet)

Warranty (Craftsmanship)

Your machine is constructed of extruded aluminum, pound for pound it is as strong as steel. If you should ever experience a stress fracture or a break we will repair it, provided that we can determine that the machine has been operated within the design parameters and has not been dropped or misused in anyway.


The Gallery Stretcher machines are custom made and not mass produced. We are unable to accept returns for this item.


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