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NFE-604    Joinrite Canvas Stretcher

For fast and easy stretching or accurate stretching. These machines are actually faster than most air-operated machines on the market today, and are more accurate for precise positioning of canvas to  stretcher bars when doing museum wraps.  These machines require only 3/4 - 1 beyond the stretcher bar to do a short gallery wrap.

CS36 - 36" wide canvas stretcher. The ideal machine for shops with limited space, but still want to stretch wider canvas when required. Open sides allow any width canvas to be stretched. Twice the width 72" (182.9cm) is done in two pulls. It comes with 3 pusher plates to fit 5 slots to stretch any size.

CS60 - 60" wide 152.4 cm. For stretching wider canvases in one pull. This unit is still affordable and efficient. It is able to stretch canvas up to 120" (304.8cm) in two pulls. It comes with 4 pusher plates to fix 6 slots for all combinations.

Video of machine in operation:

CS72 - 72" canvas stretcher machine. It is connected with a free coupler. For a wider pull, connect two 36" machines side by side to get a 72" stretcher. For specific applications at a given size or when you want a single pull for production speeds.

CS96 - 96" canvas stretcher connected with a free coupler. When a really wide machine is needed a CS36 and CS60 can be coupled side by side to create this 96" wide stretcher.

Item # NFE-604  $1,160 36" Canvas Stretcher 

Item # NFE-604a  $1,795 60" Canvas Stretcher 

Item # NFE-604b  $2,320 72" Canvas Stretcher 

Item # NFE-604c  $2,995 96" Canvas Stretcher 

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