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NFE-605   Studio Master Canvas Stretcher

GAPP Engineering Canvas Stretcher

This is the NEW and improved Studio Canvas Master. It is pneumatically operated whereas the old version was manually operated.

The improvements allow for wasier and faster stretching. Expect a completed canvas in under 2 minutes

This is GAPP Engineering's new and improved studio canvas master. This version is pneumatic and is capable of stretching canvasses up to 1.2m x 1.2m. This machine is versatile, very affordable and makes short work of stretching canvas.

The 48" is available without a stand, it will attach to a bench.

Video of machine in operation:

Item # NFE-605  $2,700 48" w/ Stand Canvas Stretcher 

Item # NFE-605a  $3,100 60" w/ Stand Canvas Stretcher 

Item # NFE-605b  $2,450 48" without Stand Canvas Stretcher 

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