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AP denotes artist proofs

Item # PH-1     Price $45

Item # PH-1a   AP    Price $95

Item # PH-1b   AP    Price $150  

Item # PH-1c  AP      Price $350 

Item # PH-1d   AP    Price $705

Item # PH-1e  AP    Price $1205

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Artist uses pen & ink with watercolor overlay to create a beautiful Philadelphia Skyline art painting.

Signed Limited Edition Art Print of 1,000

Artist: SS

 Order This Item  size: 5.5x17" PH-1

Order This Item  size: 8x24" PH-1a

Order This Item  size: 10x32" PH-1b

Order This Item  size: 13x44" PH-1c

Order This Item  size: 22x72" PH-1d

Order This Item  size: 30x96" PH-1e

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Item   # PH-2    $10

 Item#   PH-3      $30

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Veterans Stadium

The Final Season

Home of the Philadelphia Eagles 1971-2003

Open Edition Lithograph Poster Print

Photo : SS

Order This Item  PH-2   8x10" Also Available Framed in a Black Plastic Frame for an additional fee.

Order This Item  # PH-3    22x28" Also Available Framed in a Black Plastic Frame for an additional fee.

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Item # PH-4        $30

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 Philadelphia Panoramic Skyline Poster

Photographer: Driendl

 Open Edition Lithograph Poster Print 

 Size: 12  x 36"


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Item # PH-5         $90

Full Image

Boat House Row

Limited Edition Lithograph of  900 

 Artist: RG

 Philadelphia Landmark Art 

 Size: 15 1/4 x 23 1/2"


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Item # PH-6       $80

Full Image

Valley Green Inn

Limited Edition Lithograph of  900 

 Artist: RG

  Philadelphia Landmark Artwork

 Size: 13 x 19 1/2"


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Item # PH-7    $70

Full Image

Pat's - King of Steaks

Limited Edition Lithograph of  900 

Philadelphia Landmark Art 

 Artist: RG


 Size: 12 x 16 1/4"


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