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  Item # INVA-1

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Frank Sinatra

Artist: Leroy Neiman 

Year:  1994
Medium:  Serigraph
Image size:  29 1/8" x 29 1/8" (73.98 x 73.98 cm)
A limited edition of 450 numbered impressions; 75AP, 6PP, signed by the artist

Edition 450 -  Current Retail Price: $9,000


1 Available for $6,500

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  Item # INVA-2

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Femme de Luxe

Artist: Erte
Title: Femme de Luxe
Year: 1983
Medium: Bronze
Edition: 350
Size: 14.5" tall
Current Retail Price:  $12,500



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  Item # INVA-3

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Artist: Robert Motherwell
American, 1915 - 1991

Title: Capriccio, 20th century, Year: 1961

Collotype and Photo Silkscreen
25.25" x 19.5" Sheet
Edition of 200, 30 AP
Signed & Numbered

Current Retail Price: Call


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  Item # INVA-4

Full Image

La Folie

Artist: Picasso (signed in pencil lower right)

Year: 1958

Medium: Color Lithograph Image

There are 2 paintings available

Size: 19x15"

Edition Size: 300

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  Item # INVA-5

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" An Evening at the Apollo "

Artist: Paul Wegner
Medium: Bronze Sculpture
Edition: 175
Size: 19" tall
Current Retail Price:  $10,000





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  Item # INVA-6          $5,000


Full Image

" Great White Way 3D "

Limited Edition Print / 3-D Serigraph / 1991

Artist: Charles Fazzino

Hand Signed

Edition: 302 / 400

Art Size: 33 x 45"

Framed Size:  43 x 55"

Framed w/ Glass - Black Laquer Frame

Condition: Print & Frame are in Excellent Condition

Certificate of Authenticity: One Owner Purchased Through Art Gallery / Original Certificate

Retail Price $15,000 - $21,000

Our Price: $5,000


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We carry many Leroy Neiman Prints. Below are some available titles and prices

ARTIST        TITLE                    RETAIL PRICE $
Neiman, Leroy Ali Foreman in Zaiire print 50
Neiman, LeRoy Ali vs. Spinks signed open edition 600
Neiman, LeRoy America's Cup signed open edition 750
Neiman, LeRoy Barishnikov signed open edition 750
Neiman, LeRoy Bethesda Fountain signed open edition 500
Neiman, LeRoy Cafe De Flore (serigraph) 7500
Neiman, LeRoy Chemin de Fer (gambling) (serigraph) 7500
Neiman, LeRoy Frank Sinatra (Duet CD serigraph) 9000
Neiman, LeRoy Frank Sinatra-The Voice in tube 1975 3800
Neiman, LeRoy Frank, Liza & Sammy @ Royal Albert Hall 7000
Neiman, LeRoy Frazier-Forman in Jamaica (serigraph) 7000
Neiman, LeRoy Golden Girl (Nadia gymnast) (serigraph) 3100
Neiman, LeRoy Hershel Walker signed open edition football 600
Neiman, LeRoy Horses signed open edition 500
Neiman, LeRoy Houston  Film Fest- ed.1500   950
Neiman, LeRoy Ken Rosewall (19 x 26 orig. w/c double signed) 28000
Neiman, LeRoy Lion's Pride signed open edition 500
Neiman, LeRoy Little Batter signed open edition 500
Neiman, LeRoy Mark McGwire-signed open edition 750
Neiman, LeRoy Michael Jordan signed open edition 775
Neiman, LeRoy Piazza del Popolo-signed 750
Neiman, LeRoy Pierrot (lithograph) 3000
Neiman, LeRoy Plaza Square (serigraph) 7300
Neiman, LeRoy Polo Lounge signed open edition  500
Neiman, LeRoy Racing-1973 (horses) (serigraph) framed 4000
Neiman, LeRoy Sailing (canvas transfer) unstretched 250
Neiman, LeRoy Scampering Back (hand colored etching) 3500
Neiman, LeRoy Shaq (promo card) signed 200
Neiman, LeRoy Stretch Stampede (serigraph) 11600
Neiman, LeRoy Tampa Bay Rowdies signed open edition soccer 600
Neiman, LeRoy Tavern on the Green signed open edition 500
Neiman, LeRoy Valhalla PGA (black)-only 250 signed 750
Neiman, LeRoy Wine Women Cigars signed serigraph 950
Neiman, LeRoy Winter Olympic Skating 1978 7800
Neiman, LeRoy Winter Olympic Skiing 1979(serigraph) 7800


If you're looking for a specific piece by virtually any artist, it's possible that we've been offered it even if it's been "sold out" for years.  It's a fact that the most valuable works of art have been owned by multiple owners. Estate sales, Auctions, and changes in peoples needs / tastes occur constantly.

We can give you honest and accurate feedback as to the current market value of your art. We may purchase a piece to fill a specific request from another buyer, or keep your artwork information in our database as requests occur in the future.

Our database includes original paintings, sculptures, and limited editions on canvas and paper.

Of course we can get new releases by new artists.  If you're looking for a serigraph, lithograph, etching, print or giclee simply ask us for quote. Art that we purchase and sell is unframed.  This allows us to  inspect the entire piece of art.  In some cases, people try to disguise or hide imperfections under matting (when in a frame).  Keep in mind that the image area on a piece is not the entire sheet and that many times art suffers acid burn or deterioration from use of non acid-free materials, high humidity, direct exposure to ultra violet rays, etc.  When we purchase a piece we take it out of its frame / matting, do a thorough inspection and if there are any problems we reject it. The art that you buy from us can be acquired with the utmost confidence in respect to condition as well as superb value.
Artists to Consider for invesment
Agam Altman Alvar Andri Appel Arvid Azoulay Bannister Barnett Baskin Basso Batemen Beardon Behrens Bennett Boulanger Bragg Buffet Calder Campinille Casay Chagall Chemiakin Chen Cheng Chiparus Cook Dali Davis Delacroix Dine Doolittle Dwight Earle Eisenstadt Erte Escher Fairchild Fazzino Folon Frace Froman Gallo Gantner Garcia Gaylord Ginzburg Golkar Gorg Gorman Gross Guttierez Hallam Haring Hart Hibel Hirschfeld Hockney Holland Hong Hoppe Hurrell Icart Impiglia Jansen Jaqua Jiang Jonson Kam Kan Kane Keeley Kent King Kiraly Kisser Koslow Kostabi Krasnyansky Kravjansky Kudo Land Lantz Lassen Lebadang Lempicka Lennon Max McKnight Margolies Markes Matta Max Lichtenstein Liu Lombarte Longo Luongo Mac MacDonald Mack Mahler Maimon Maplethorp McKnight Medvedev Miro Montecinos Morlock Morris Moser Motherwell Mucha Mukai Nagel Nechita Neiman Neirman Nelson Neng Nesbitt Nieto Nix Odom Olenburg Otsuka Owen Parrish Parkes Parmenter Paul Picasso Pisarro Portzel Pradzynski Quinn Rauschenberg Reines Renoir Reyes Rios Rizzi Rockwell Rosan Ross Rothenberg Rundell Sahall Salamino Schreck Shemi Shluss Shue Shvaiko Simbari Sipos Skelton Stobart Tamayo Tarkay Ting Tobiasse Toledo Vargas Vasarelly Velasco Villareal Vincent Warhol Webb Wegner Wilkenson Wood Wyeth Yamagata Young Yuroz Zjawinska Zolan Zuniga

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