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Section 2:  Tool Sharpening / Metal Working Equipment

UFE-S105   Thorvie AV-40 Saw / Tool Sharpening System

This Saw Sharpening tool set is in Good Working Condition.

Purchased new in 2006

Includes all fixtures and attachments for carbide and steel sharpening.
Saw blades- router bits-Planer knives- hole saws. etc.

(Replacement Value $8,000)

Price $ 3,995

From the manufacturer:

The AV-40 is a universal grinder that will sharpen saw blades ranging from 1-7/8" to 30" diameter, plus it will sharpen many different cutting tools such as raised panel cutters and profile cutters, anti-kick back router bit and shaper cutters without motor interference; something few saw blade grinders can offer.

This carbide and steel saw and tool grinder has a diameter capacity from 1-7/8" to 30". It allows you to face, top and side grind. The AV-40 is one of the fastest grinders to set up and easy to use. When changing from face to top grinding, and from one diameter to the next, just loosen a lever and rotate an arm. This machine will save you 25% of the set up time over other grinders, AND is less costly! Attachments included in the package also allow you to grind router bits; planer knives, shaper cutters, and a whole lot more. Sharpen the anti-kickback router bits and other various styles of cutters.

This item can be picked up in Massachusetts or shipped for an additional fee by UPS. Shipping is not the $6.50 default on the order page.


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