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 Item # FR-1      $30

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Signed Limited Edition Lithograph of 2001 

Artist: RS

 "We, too, born to freedom, and believing in freedom,
 are willing to fight to maintain freedom.
We, and all others who believe as deeply as we do,
would rather die on our feet than live on our knees."
                                                                                             - President Franklin Delano Roosevelt,
 June 19, 1941  

Size: 16x20" 

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Item # FR-2      $30

Item # FR-3      $400

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Friend & Role Model 

... our Firefighters

Signed Limited Edition Lithograph

Size: 11x14" 

Artist: BL



Order This Item  Item # FR-2  Size:  11x14" Print 

Sold Out  Item # FR-3 Size: 20x30"  Art Canvas w/ Highlights 

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Regular Price:  $25

 *Special Price Item # FR-4  $20

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 Open Edition Patriotic Art Photo Print

Inspirational / Patriotic / Remembrance

  Artist: Smith


Note: Print you receive is photo quality & at high resolution

Size: 16x20"  

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 Item #FR-5  $65 Full Image

Item #FR-5o $25 Full Image


A Nation Remembers

... honoring our heroes who served during World War II

Limited Edition Lithograph

Edition Size:  1945

Artist: RS

Print comes already matted with an oval cut in lower left for your loved ones picture.


Size: 16x20"  

Order This Item  #FR-5 Ltd Edition with oval cut

Order This Item  #FR-5o Open Edition Print Only; without oval cut; no mat

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 Item # FR-6      $25

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" Quecreek Nine for Nine "

Honoring Quecreek Miners

Artist: RS

Open Edition Inspirational Art Print

"The ultimate measure of people is not where they stand in moments of comfort, but where they stand in times of great challenge"


Inspirational Teamwork Artwork Poster 

Size: 18x24"  


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 Item # FR-7   $55  Full Image

Item # FR-7o   $25  Full Image

" Freedom Is Not Free "

" We Will Never Forget"

... honoring our heroes who served in Korean Conflict

Artist: RS

Special Edition Lithograph

Comes with Certificate

Print comes already matted with a place in lower left for your loved ones picture; and materials to personalize for Branch of Service and Dates Served. 

Size: 16x20"  

  Order This Item  FR-7 mat and oval cut for picture 

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